Soul Waffle

Potsdam, NY

Soul Waffle strives to provide a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere for our community. We specialize in creative and mouth watering waffles, sammies, salads and power drinks to satisfy the health nut and sweet tooth of your family.


Let Us Cater Your Next Event

We now offer catering!  We will be happy to do the work for you at your next event.  We cater both on and off site for any kind of event personal or professional.  Don't let our business hours fool you, catering is available at any time.  Would you like your event catered by Soul Waffle?  Let us know the details below or give us a call!


Event Details

Please be sure to allow us at least 36 hours to respond to your request.  It's okay if you don't know all of the specifics yet.  

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